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My past life regression with Aaron changed my life in a profound way by helping me to more fully know who I am and own my power. Aaron’s gentle and steady voice and his warm and encouraging presence allowed me to enter easily into a hypnotic state in which I was immersed in a truly unique world and experienced a vivid, complex, and emotionally evocative journey that transformed my relationship with myself and others from a place of being guarded to feeling much more open, relaxed, playful, and in my power. My session with Aaron restored my faith in life and love. Thank you, Aaron!

Meredith Heller

Abstract Texture

Something that really stood out to me during my session with Aaron was how relaxed I was. I've never been at such a place of physical and mental relaxation that didn't involve getting a massage. In addition to that, the amount of detail that I'm still able to recall months later is so vivid. It's like having a dream, but being fully conscious the entire time. I really believe that I unlocked and was able to connect to a deeper part of myself.

Antuan Raimone

Burst of Light

Aaron did a fantastic job creating a safe and comfortable space for the transgression. Not knowing what I was getting myself into, Aaron’s warm and inviting personality put me at ease and he did a great job at guiding me. I’m excited to work with Aaron again!

Jonathan Ramos

Abstract Liquid

I met with Aaron for a session of past life regressions and it was an eye-opening and exceptionally enjoyable experience. Aaron was incredibly professional and knowledgeable, which helped create an extremely comfortable surrounding. I was a bit skeptical before I began the treatment, but Aaron patiently walked me through everything that I should expect and by the time it was over, I was a true believer in the effectiveness of the past life regressions. It was a truly relaxing, wonderful, and life-changing experience that I would recommend for everyone to try!


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