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Taking Inspired Action Through the Workday

As an entrepreneur, I plan my day.

No one tells me what to do. I do what I want, when I want to do it.

So when I start each day, I find myself wondering, “what's on the agenda?”

Here I am, filled with productive energy. I’m feeling good. My body and mind are healthy. The sun is shining, and anything is possible…so what do I want to do to maximize my time? Something creative? Money-making? Physically exerting? Should I start some sort of home-task like cooking, cleaning, grocery shopping, eating?

Ultimately I try to take inspired action and for me, routine and practice help me tap into and act upon my own inspiration.

Here's a bit of that routine:

As I wake up each morning, I try to focus on thoughts of appreciation such as, “Thank you. I’m here. I’m alive. I get another day. Thank you for this hopeful and optimistic morning.”

stretching to meet the day!
stretching to meet the day!

When I’m ready, I hop out of bed, drink water, brush my teeth, and get into the shower. After the shower, I move to the couch, and I set my timer for 35 minutes for silent meditation. For my pose, I lay down on the couch with my knees bent up and together; or I sit and lean back comfortably into the couch.

My morning meditation is focused on quieting my mind and feeling a sensation of satisfaction coursing through me. I like to envision a beautiful and loving universal energy source pouring a never-ending stream of love and light through my entire body. I try to revel in the head-bliss of not thinking any thought in particular while simultaneously brining a focused attention and appreciation to good-feeling emotions and sensations.

spaced out and blissed out

After the timer is up, I might clean some dishes, get dressed, and then....well, that’s where the real brainstorming/action phase occurs. Maybe I got some inspired idea while I was meditating? I should reach out to someone. Or I feel compelled to call that business contact or follow up with that matter. Sometimes I react to what others bring to me and schedule my days around those unique events and rendezvous.

Whether you're working hard or hardly are you feeling?

Whatever I end up creating and crossing off of a list, I want to feel good about its natural flow however it’s unfolding. No matter what I’m doing, I want to be present and curious and engaged. So I give myself the space and leeway to follow my own flow or curiosity or whatever my energy is up for. Sometimes it means emailing, researching, applying, networking, creating. Other times, it means resting and caring for myself through walks, eating well, and moving my body around outside.

"Inner-dialogue-teamwork" makes the dream work

When you work for yourself or you work remotely with large amounts of autonomy, your own schedule or environment is within your control. You can be a kind and creative coworker/boss or you can be a cruel and demanding mizer/whip.

Someone said we show more compassion to others than we show ourselves, but I'm resolved to buck the trend. I’m determined to fully love, own, and cherish every one of my inspired quirks, actions, flaws, smiles, and missed opportunities. Who's with me?

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