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An Informal Perspective on Life Purpose, Death, Past Life Regressions, and the Unconscious Mind

I don’t know when, but I’ll die one day.

For most of us, it’s jarring to consider our own inevitable end here on Earth.  Though, when I work to acknowledge my mortality and accept it, I feel more able to savor, appreciate, and experience gratitude for all the good things I can enjoy in my life right now.

Over time, I have loved, known, and witnessed beautiful people who lived and died too soon, and like so many of us who remain here living, I find myself wondering: 

“What are we supposed to be doing here?"

​"What are we supposed to accomplish, serve, or create while we’re still alive?” 

The answers are probably constantly changing and unique for all of us. ​And like everyone else, I don’t know what happens when we die.  I’m not a psychic or saint.  I don’t have any special connection or channel to an energy that you don’t have too. 

Personally, for me, I believe in reincarnation; I believe in a unifying, positive source/energy that we are all connected to and we all return to when we die; and I believe in a collective unconscious that affects us while we live…but that being said, I'm not a trained scientist, therapist, or rabbi. I can’t prove and am uninterested in “proving” that we’ve definitively lived past lives on this planet or others. And even if we accept reincarnation as true, I’m not even certain that we all have the ability to tap into those "memories" and declare them “100% accurate.” 

So while there’s clearly a lot I don’t know, I do know this: Our brains have an unconscious aspect to them that is real, scientifically proven, always active and changing, and working powerfully beneath the surface of our conscious minds. And through hypnosis, we have the opportunity to engage our unconscious minds.

I believe there is an inherent value in the hypnotic experience of a past life regression. By allowing my unconscious mind to explore worlds and lives that feel different than my current one, my worldview perspective expands.  I seek to plunge into the beautiful depths of my unconscious mind and discover the treasures that wait for me because I’m confident that there are authentic gems of wisdom to be found in the cloudy waters of the unknown, in the dreamy layers of my psyche.

When participating in a past life regression, I'll encourage you to engage the underlying, expansive, and creative parts of your brain.  You'll delve into the unconscious parts of the mind that communicate through symbols, dreams, imagery, and metaphor.

The experience will be poignantly private, true, and unique for each person. 

Ideally, through the process of a past life regression, you will discover answers that provide positive shifts and profound insights that your conscious mind can contemplate and act on while we live each day, right now.​​

And it is with this intention that I invite you to join me with a soft heart and relaxed atmosphere as we go on an exploration into our unconscious minds together. 

With love and respect always, 


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