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My name is Aaron, and for years, I've been fascinated with personal growth, interpersonal relationships, and the powers of the mind, universe, and spirit. 

Rather than shy away from the things that most interest me, I've decided to pursue and explore them to the fullest of my ability.  These explorations have led me to train in hypnosis and become a Certified Hypnotist with the International Association of Counselors and Therapists.  I've also completed training with Dr. Brian Weiss, MD, one of the most famous leaders and practitioners of Past Life Regressions. 

For my personal meditation practice, I strive to meditate for at least 15 minutes everyday, and when I do, my goal is to quiet my mind's chatter and gently focus my attention on feeling satisfaction in every present moment and simultaneously feeling eager and excited for more.  As we work together and you enter into a hypnotic or meditative state, I will always encourage you to also joyfully lean into those sensations of appreciation, self-compassion, and gentle growth.    

I look forward to working with you and facilitating an exploration of the ever-changing and ever-growing potentialities of your mind. 


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